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Chilliwack, BC

Young Drivers Chilliwack Driving School

Canada's Top Driving School - ICBC Approved GLP Programs

Young Drivers of Canada downtown Chilliwack driving school location offers the ICBC approved drivers ed courses. Upon completion of the ICBC (GLP) driver training course, you can receive six months off your N stage if you are a safe driver with no at-fault crashes, driving violations or prohibitions. In addition, by completing the GLP driver training course, you could also receive two high school credits. In order to be eligible, this driver training course must be completed within a year from start to finish while in the learner stage of GLP.

You can get on the road with Young Drivers to obtain your driver's licence today! Young Drivers drivers training includes preparation for your driving test, defensive driving techniques, how to parallel park instruction, how to pass the driver's licence test, as well as road test training. You will take your driving lessons with the best-trained driving instructors in Canada - who use the exclusive Young Drivers approach, including Collisionfree!™ and CogniFit® brain training programs - so that you will learn how to drive a car safely and avoid distracted driving.

The Young Drivers driver training programs are of the highest quality, being ISO-9001 certified. For your convenience, there's home pickup for in-car lessons and a wide range of driving courses such as express 3-day, evenings and weekends programs, so that you can get your driver's licence quickly.

Defensive Driving Emergency Maneuvers Are Included

As Canada’s top driving school, at Young Drivers of Canada, we believe that drivers ed classes should teach emergency driving maneuvers, in order to prevent the consequences of collisions and distracted driving.


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Available Start Dates


YD offers many flexible course dates, find a learning schedule that works for you. Use the button below to see our full course listing or get started right now with an upcoming class.

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Full Courses or Individual Lessons & Packages


  • Defensive Driving: YD programs include defensive driving, evasive maneuvers, emergency braking and swerving, and head-on and rear-crash collision avoidance.
  • Online: Convenient online programs can be done on your device at your own pace. It's easy to use, engaging and effective.
  • Since 1970: 1.3 million new drivers trained across Canada. All YD instructors are re-trained annually, ensuring they're always up-to-date.
  • In-Class: All YD classrooms are conveniently located, offer a clean, comfortable, air-conditioned atmosphere, with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • In-Car: Each lesson is one-on-one and customized. With expert knowledge of terrain and areas, we know where and how to train to gain the most experience.
  • New Country... New Home... New Roads: Our programs and courses help you develop traffic strategies to navigate all driving environments.
Individual Lessons & Packages
Road Test Package $185.00 Select
Road Test Package Plus 1 x 90 minute lesson $310.00 Select
CogniFit Driver Retail $20.00 Select
Novice Extra Lessons & Road Test Prep A - 1 x 90 min lesson & Road Test (AUTO) $310.00 Select
Novice Extra Lessons & Road Test Prep B - 3 x 90 min lessons & Road Test (AUTO) $550.00 Select
Novice Extra Lessons & Road Test Prep C - 5 x 90 min lessons & Road Test (AUTO) $795.00 Select

Individual Lessons & Packages

Road Test Package
Road Test Package Plus 1 x 90 minute lesson
CogniFit Driver Retail
Novice Extra Lessons & Road Test Prep A - 1 x 90 min lesson & Road Test (AUTO)
Novice Extra Lessons & Road Test Prep B - 3 x 90 min lessons & Road Test (AUTO)
Novice Extra Lessons & Road Test Prep C - 5 x 90 min lessons & Road Test (AUTO)


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 Chilliwack Classroom Location

Our Chilliwack Young Drivers of Canada classroom location is located on the second floor, at Unit 48, 9240 Young Road, which is just a block down from the intersection of Yale Rd. W. and Princess Ave. There’s a CIBC on the corner, and as well many restaurants in the area for lunch and snacks during driving course breaks.

Young Drivers of Canada is The Best Driving School for Chilliwack

By starting with the best-trained driving instructors in Canada and using the exclusive Young Drivers of Canada approach to driving classes with Collisionfree!™ and CogniFit® programs, you will receive the best driver training. YD driving instructors are re-certified on a yearly basis to keep them up-to-date and use the latest technologies to instil key habits.

Your YD driving instructor will work with you so that you will understand what you will truly be facing as a driver – on B.C. streets and highways, with their traffic and congestion – and will help with safe driving courses to give you the confidence to drive defensively.

Young Drivers mission and commitment in driving training is to teach you driver training that not only teaches how to drive and pass the road test but to teach "drive to survive" safe driving techniques to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries.