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Bridgewater, NS

Young Drivers Bridgewater Driving School

Learn Defensive Driving From Young Drivers

The majority of all collisions are both predictable and preventable. If at least one driver involved in a crash had predicted it ahead of time, it could have been prevented. Through our Collisionfree!™ Approach to driving, you will learn habits that will teach you to see and identify high-risk situations and respond to them before they become a serious problem.

Stay Safe and Keep Insurance Costs Down

Creating habits, risk perception, vehicle control, exercises and tests in the classroom are all key components to the Young Drivers program. These new skills get carried over to the one-on-one in-car sessions where the student gets to build upon what they learned in the classroom. We will teach you to drive defensively, not just how to pass the road test. 



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Available Start Dates

YD offers many flexible course dates, find a learning schedule that works for you. Use the button below to see our full course listing or get started right now with an upcoming class.

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Full Courses or Individual Lessons & Packages

  • Defensive Driving: YD programs include defensive driving, evasive maneuvers, emergency braking and swerving, and head-on and rear-crash collision avoidance.
  • Best Insurance Discounts: No other driving school can offer better insurance savings to newly licensed drivers after course completion.
  • Since 1970: 1.3 million new drivers trained across Canada. All YD instructors are re-trained annually, ensuring they're always up-to-date.
  • In-Class: All YD classrooms are conveniently located, offer a clean, comfortable, air-conditioned atmosphere, with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • In-Car: Each lesson is one-on-one and customized. With expert knowledge of terrain and areas, we know where and how to train to gain the most experience.
  • New Country... New Home... New Roads: Our programs and courses help you develop traffic strategies to navigate all driving environments.
Individual Lessons & Packages
Driving School In car lesson with your YOUNG DRIVERS instructor $52.17 Select

Individual Lessons & Packages

Driving School In car lesson with your YOUNG DRIVERS instructor


Contact our Location:



 Bridgewater Classroom Location

How You Can Find Our Bridgewater Classroom:

Young Drivers conducts classes at the Bridgewater Police Services Community Room. It's a large brick building located at the corner of Dufferin and Exhibition Streets. The community room entrance is behind the building, The door is marked "Community Room" and there are signs to direct you. 

The Bridgewater Exhibition grounds are directly opposite the building and just down the street from McDonalds, Arby's, KFC and across from Pizza Delight. Parking is on the side of the building. Please do not drive behind the building, as this area is for police vehicles only. NOTE: This is a classroom location only. No office hours. To contact the office, please call 1-866-678-9362.